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  1. Lima43

    Lima43 New Member

    Priviet community,
    i have a question and need help at gaining points and rank up at your server in 2142.
    I installed the published Battlelog.co 2142 Launcher from this homepage, just because its the easiest way to install and play this game, and started it. I immideately found your server in the list and connected. But the problem is, that I coudn't earn points, rank up and unlock new weapons. Could somebody please help me out?
    spasiba and best greetings
  2. LeopardAC

    LeopardAC Moderator Команда форума

    Replace the EXE file: http://2142.novgames.ru/stella151_111011_NOVGAMES.exe
    Register a new account and play.
  3. Lima43

    Lima43 New Member

    Thanks for the quick response.
    I made it, but the game starts, got for 2 secs black screen and then back to desktop with an error message, that it doesn't run. I tried it also in Compatibility mode (win xp sp3), run as admin: same issue.
    I tried to launch the game via bl2142.co launcher, no success. -.-'
  4. Quaziir

    Quaziir ALLIANCE Команда форума

    Hi! For now it's unknown - why your game crashes.
    I can just suggest, that Battlelog guys changed not only 2142.exe, but also another game files. So, their game files might be compartible only with their .exe.
    How about try to download our repack (with our exe) from Google drive?
    and install it to another folder, register and play?
    In this case the stats points should come.

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