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  1. ALLIANCE Daff

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    Server: ALLIANCE
    Download: LINK

    Official Maps Pack ALLIANCE v01
    Powered by NovGames.ru

    Unpack to the <folder with installed game>/mods/bf2142/Levels
    "A game folder" can be found by right-clicking on a game label BF2142 on desktop -> Properties -> 'File location' (or 'Find the object')

    Titan mode:
    Operation Clean Sweep
    Hamburg Harbour
    Conquest mode:
    Desert Ambush
    Frontline Forest
    German Camp
    Zatar Wetlands
    Camp Gibraltar Winter
    Dragon Valley
    Hamburg Harbour
    Marbella Outpost
    Operation Nightshift
    Arctic Crossing
    Sharqi Peninsula
    The Push Night

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  2. nozemi

    nozemi Постоялец

    So good
  3. Duran

    Duran Старожил

    as briefly you describe it here...
  4. ALLIANCE Daff

    ALLIANCE Daff Administrator Команда форума

    Later, there were instructions in English

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